Promise something but only for so long.

Yes But Not For Long reminds other people automatically when it's time to confirm or cancel what they asked you for, so that you can give it to someone else. "It" can mean anything – be it your time or your lawnmower!

They ask you but neither confirm nor cancel in time?

People ask you for something, days or months in advance. When the time finally comes, they forget to tell you that they don't need your "something" any more.

Promise and set a time limit

Don't make ever-lasting promises! Create the promise as a Yes But Not For Long (that means: with an expiration date). Save it securely, here. The other person will get an email about it.

You and they get a nudge

The other person gets an email and knows what you promised them. When your promise is about to expire, this website gently and friendly "nudges" the other person via email, until they really confirm or cancel!

You know when you're free again

You get the notice in time so you can give your time, your lawnmower (or whatever it is that you promised) to someone else. You saved the hassle to nudge another human. Nice!

Who is this for?

Sarah Brandon, trainer
I'm a professional trainer. When a client asks me for my time, I can now give it to them and stop worrying that they forget to cancel. I can sell my time slot to another person in that case. What a relief!
Robin Campbell, copywriter
I write marketing copy for enterprises. When I agree to have a discovery session with a new prospect, I need not worry what happens if they forget about it. I know that YesButNotForLong will remind the prospect to confirm in time.
Giancarlo Ferri, rental shop
I rent equipment for large gardens and parks. When a customer reserves a big lawnmower, YesButNotForLong will remind them to confirm or cancel in time. When cancelled, I can rent it to another garden owner in the neighborhood. This way, I make more money with my lawnmower!

Pricing plans for everyone.

Choose the plan that you think works best for you.


$ 0 /month
  • 3 free promises / month
  • Gentle and friendly nudges
  • Outcome sent to you


$ 9 /month
  • Unlimited promises
  • Gentle and friendly nudges
  • Outcome sent to you


$ 19 /month
  • Everything as in Standard
  • Freely editable nudge templates
  • iCal calendar integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work?

This system is still in the making but will be released, soon. Sign up to get an invitation to be the one of the first people who will use it!

Are the nudges always gentle and friendly?

Judge for yourself. You will be able to proof-read them before you submit your promise. As a Pro subscriber, you can even edit the template for the email text that goes out to the other people.

Is there a discount for a yearly plan?

When you sign up for an entire year, you will get two months free. That is a 16% discount.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, absolutely! We want you to be happy with the service and will refund the unused portion of your plan if you want to leave.